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Sanitek Cartridge Filters: Combining Advanced Manufacturing with Superior Performance

Renowned for their advanced pleated filter design and top-quality membrane, Sanitek cartridge filters excel in applications requiring efficient liquid filtration with high flow rates and suspended particles. The production process starts with shaping the filter membrane into a cartridge using specialized pleating machinery. Then, the membrane is meticulously installed into the housing using precision pleating equipment. Finally, the process is completed by sealing the end caps and connecting the fittings using a specialized machine, ensuring the integrity and functionality of the entire filtration system.

Assembled, tested, and packaged in a 10,000-grade cleanroom, they guarantee outstanding functionality across diverse applications. Our product line comprises three series: SANIpore®, SANIpure® and SANIendo®. The SANIpore® series boasts broad chemical compatibility, increased filtration area, high flow rates, and minimal extractables, resulting in low pressure drops. Meanwhile, the SANIpure® series achieves high efficiency and absolute particulate ratings, even in harsh process conditions.

Tailored to meet specific application requirements, Sanitek’s cartridge filters offer reliable and customized filtration solutions

High retention

High retention

High dirt-holding capacity

High dirt-holding capacity

Thermal bonding

Thermal bonding

Non-fiber releasing

Non-fiber releasing


Characteristics of Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters, when engineered with consistent pore size and optimal design, offer enhanced microfiltration capabilities.

  • Simplicity and Reliability
    Cartridge filters boast straightforward operation and dependable performance.
  • Chemical Compatibility
    These filters demonstrate compatibility with a wide range of chemicals, ensuring versatility in various applications.
  • High Flow Rate
    They facilitate rapid filtration processes due to their efficient flow rate.
  • Large Filtration Area
    Cartridge filters feature ample filtration surface area, enabling effective removal of impurities.
  • High Retention Rate
    They excel in retaining particles and contaminants, ensuring superior filtration outcomes.
  • Low Pressure Drop
    These filters maintain minimal pressure drop, optimizing efficiency while conserving energy.
  • Low Extractables
    Cartridge filters exhibit low levels of extractable substances, reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Adhesive and Surfactant-Free
    They are manufactured without the use of adhesives or surfactants, ensuring purity in filtration.
  • Versatile Applications
    With their broad compatibility and efficient performance, cartridge filters find application across diverse industries and processes.

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Sanitek has the answers to common questions about capsule filter and filter cartridges in critical process filtration.


The Basic Construction of a Filter Cartridge

Core Membrane: The core membrane serves as the primary component responsible for capturing and eliminating contaminants from the filtered fluid. Filter media are crafted from diverse materials such as paper, polyester, polypropylene, and activated carbon.

End Caps/Adapters: These components secure the filter media in place and establish a seal between the cartridge and the filter housing.

Inner and Outer Cores: Serving as the central structure of the cartridge, the inner and outer cores provide structural support for the filter media, preventing collapse under pressure.

Gasket/O-Ring: These elements create a tight seal between the cartridge and the filter housing, preventing fluid bypass. Different sealing materials offer unique properties suitable for various applications.

Support Layers: Comprising metal or plastic structures, support layers reinforce the filter media and uphold its shape during operation.

Note: The selection of the appropriate cartridge filter assembly and material should align with the specific filter type and intended application.

Common Questions About Process Filtration

Common Questions about SanitekWhat Are Cartridge Filters?

Cartridge filters represent vital elements within filtration systems utilized across diverse industries and applications. Encased within a cylindrical housing typically crafted from robust materials like plastic or metal, cartridge filters accommodate replaceable filter cartridges.

Sanitek Filter is renowned for its expertise in manufacturing pleated filter cartridges, meticulously engineered with advanced microfiltration membrane filters. These specialized cartridges are meticulously designed to offer unparalleled filtration efficacy across a spectrum of applications. Leveraging microfiltration membrane filter technology, these cartridges ensure precise filtration, permitting only desired particles to traverse while effectively capturing impurities.

Common Questions about SanitekHow does the Cartridge Filter work?

A membrane pleated cartridge filter works by utilizing a combination of membrane filtration and pleated design. The water flows through the membrane material, which consists of tiny pores. These pores are sized to selectively allow water molecules to pass through while capturing contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and particulate matter.

Common Questions about SanitekWhat are the Applications of Cartridge Filters?

Cartridge filters have become widely utilized due to their adaptability and effectiveness across various industries. They are commonly employed in water purification, pharmaceuticals, air filtration, chemical processing, electronics manufacturing, and food and beverage processing, showcasing their versatile applications and efficiency.

The pleated design increases the surface area of the filter, maximizing filtration capacity and extending the filter’s lifespan. The trapped contaminants are then either flushed away or collected for disposal. Regular maintenance and replacement are necessary to ensure the filter continues to operate effectively.

Common Questions about SanitekHow do I replace a pleated cartridge filter?

Cartridges are used in many industrial applications to capture contaminants and solid waste. These liquid filter cartridges must be replaced when they reach a preset pressure differential.

Common Questions about SanitekWhen should I replace my pleated filter cartridge?

Filter cartridges manufactured by Sanitek come with an installation manual that recommends the number of days the cartridge should be used. However, the life of the cartridge also depends on the concentration of contaminants in the fluid.

When your differential pressure reaches a preset value (e.g. 10 psi), the cartridge is now clogged and can no longer hold dirt, and needs to be replaced. Failure to replace the cartridge over a long period of time can result in poor filtration, leakage or even damage to the product.

Common Questions about SanitekHow are pleated filter cartridges cleaned?

Some filtration systems allow backwashing and utilize a CIP design. Others must be removed from the filter housing, sanitized and cleaned. When not in use, these clean filter cartridges are dried and sealed to avoid contamination or wear.

Common Questions about SanitekCan these cartridge filters be reused after cleaning?

No, we only provide single-use filters.

Common Questions about SanitekWhat contaminants are removed by cartridge filters offered by Sanitek Filter?

Sanitek filter cartridge are designed to remove various contaminants like dirt, fine and extra fine sand, rust and corrosion, sand, sediments, and silt from municipal and well water.

Common Questions about SanitekWhat is the difference between a capsule filter and a membrane cartridge filter?

The main distinction is in their design and filtration mechanism. A capsule filter is a compact unit that can contain various types of filter media, including membranes. It typically has a smaller filtration area, designed for small-scale applications and single-use scenarios.

In contrast, a membrane cartridge filter consists of a cylindrical housing filled with a specific membrane material for precise filtration. Cartridge filters are often used in larger-scale industrial applications requiring high-efficiency filtration. While both filters can include membranes and serve the purpose of removing contaminants, but their size, filtration area, and reusability options differentiate them based on specific filtration requirements.

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