SANIpure® Membrane Pleated Filter

SANIpure® filter cartridge offer high retention in clrification and prefiltration.

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Absolute-rated filtering media are used in the construction of Sanitek SANIpure® filter cartridges for essential applications. All parts are thermally joined together without the need for adhesives or hot melts. High flow rates are produced by these filter cartridges with minimal pressure drops. They are exceptionally low in extractables and have a high dirt-holding capacity, and they can endure repeated sterilizations and sanitizations.

Sanitek SANIpure® series filters stand out for their high efficiency and absolute particulate ratings, which are kept even under the harshest process conditions. SANIpure® series cartridges have the most uniform, consistent structure and performance found anywhere thanks to advanced manufacturing.

SANIpure® series filters are assembled, tested, and packaged in a 10000-grade cleaning room environment. Materials used in the construction of every SANIpure® product fulfil FDA standards for use in food contact situations. Nylon6,6, PES, PP, PTFE, and Borosilicate Microfiber are the materials available for pleated membrane filter cartridges. Along with glass and PP microfiber depth media, pleated prefilter cartridges are also offered in these materials.

High retention

High retention

High dirt-holding capacity

High dirt-holding capacity

Thermal bonding

Thermal bonding

Non-fiber releasing

Non-fiber releasing


Features of SANIpure® Filter Cartridge

The SANIpure® filter cartridges are designed for customers with high capacity and long life needs

  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • High retention
  • Thermal bonding
  • Non-fiber releasing

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Sanitek has the answers to common questions about capsule filter and filter cartridges in critical process filtration.

Common Questions About Process Filtration

Common Questions about SanitekHow do you assure the quality of your products?

At Sanitek, we pay attention to the details of every link and strictly adhere to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2005 standards to ensure the quality of our products.

In the raw material procurement phase, we work with reliable suppliers to ensure that the quality of raw materials meets our standard requirements.

In the production process, we strictly control the quality of each link to ensure that the manufacturing process of the product is stable and reliable. At the factory inspection stage of the final product, we carry out a comprehensive quality check to ensure that the product meets the customer’s requirements and specifications.

Common Questions about SanitekWhat support can I expect from Sanitek in case of issues?

In case of any issues, Sanitek will respond promptly to assist you in analyzing the problem and finding out the cause. We retain the raw material of all shipments, which is essential for identifying if the issue originates from the membrane. While incidents are extremely rare, if the problem is confirmed to be from the membrane, we will take corrective action, including prioritized full replacement of the affected lot.

Common Questions about SanitekWhat are your production capacities?

With 15 years of filtration experience, Sanitek has become a leading membrane production company. We produce thousands of square feet of high-quality membranes every day and are continuously expanding our capacity to meet our customers’ needs.

We pay attention to every detail to ensure the quality and performance of the membrane is at its best. At the same time, we are also actively developing innovative membrane materials and technologies to continuously improve the performance and efficiency of our products.

As an experienced membrane production company, Sanitek will continue to be committed to providing customers with quality membrane products and excellent service. We will continue to innovate and improve to meet the changing market needs and develop together with our customers.

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