Mission and Vision

Sanitek Filter has emerged as a pivotal partner in biopharmaceutical research and beverage industry.

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A Efficient and Safe Filtration Solution, Making A Better World

With our pioneering spirit and deep insight into customer needs, Sanitek Filter has emerged as a pivotal partner in biopharmaceutical research and industry. Our mission is to enhance the safety and efficiency of the complex and costly development and pure process filtration of biotech medicines. We offer comprehensive support across the lab scale filtration to big scale production line filtration needs.


To be the leading provider of cutting-edge liquid filtration solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, pharmacy industry and other high critical filtration request area, we safeguarding the purity and efficacy of life-saving liquids and drugs through innovative technology, unwavering quality, and dedicated service.


We envision a world where every biopharmaceutical pure process filtration is fortified by our advanced filtration technologies, ensuring the highest standards of product integrity, patient safety, and global health. Through continual innovation and collaboration, we strive to redefine the boundaries of liquid filtration, empowering the biopharma industry to revolutionize healthcare delivery worldwide.

Our Strengths

As a company with a goal, we firmly believe that only the right values can contribute to better develop and maintain the vitality of the company.

Critical quality assurance standard

High Knowledge engineer in critical filtration

Over 10 years experienced critical filtration solution cases

TOP technology manufacturing equipment for HIGH and STABLE quality goods

FULL production process inspection

100% integrity testing for every pcs filter

Resource study together with public biopharmacy customer

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