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Quality Policy

Sanitek is committed to supplying the most sophisticated industries with products of the highest and most consistent quality. We are committed to the principles and practices of total quality. All products are designed to meet the most stringent requirements and all are produced with validated materials of construction, under the same rigorous quality standards.

Sanitek filter materials of construction comply with FDA regulations for food and beverage contact use as detailed in the US Code of Federal Regulations, 21CFR. Materials used to produce filter media and hardware are safe for use in contact with foodstuffs in accordance with EU Directives 10/2011. All materials meet the specifications for biological safety per USP Class V1-121 C for plastics.

Superior Management System:

Policies and procedures that support the efficient operation of our business serve as the foundation for the organization of the business. The management system, as it has been defined, aims to assure the accomplishment of our objectives, as well as to ensure information security, skill sufficiency, project performance, and client, partner, and staff satisfaction.

Control Production Process:

From raw materials to the packaging for filter cartridges, we pay attention to every tiny things that may be ignored by others. All we do is to provide a better filtration experience for our customers. We have a professional quality control team, and we also implement quality checks internally. High requirements are required to achieve high assurance.

We strictly adhere to the following quality control process to ensure that each batch of products meets the highest quality standards:

Raw Material Selection

Raw Material Selection

We meticulously select and test only the raw materials that have undergone rigorous screening, ensuring the stable and reliable quality of the absolute-rated filtration media.

Production Monitoring

We implement stringent monitoring measures throughout the production process, including real-time monitoring of production parameters and quality indicators, to ensure that the products adhere to the predefined technical specifications and standards.

Production Monitoring
Product Testing

Product Testing

Each batch of products undergoes comprehensive testing, including examinations of the filtration performance, physical properties, and chemical stability of the absolute-rated filtration media, ensuring consistent and reliable product quality.

Maintenance of Quality Records

We diligently maintain the quality records and testing data throughout the product manufacturing process, enabling us to trace and improve product quality in the event of any issues, and provide customers with transparent and credible quality assurance information.

Maintenance of Quality Records

The absolute-rated filtration media plays a crucial role in our product quality assurance system. Its precise screening capability and stable filtration performance ensure that the products effectively remove impurities and particles, providing efficient and reliable filtration results. Recognizing the significance of the absolute-rated filtration media in product quality control, we continuously optimize our production processes to ensure that each product meets the strictest quality standards and customer expectations.

Our certification:

The Sanitek’s concept is to incorporate quality into every facet of the product, from the initial product design to our dedication to customers.

Sanitek is dedicated to minimizing its environmental effect, which extends to product manufacturing, packaging, catalog production, and waste management. More than quality, we care about the environment and safety&health of all our staffs. Our compliance with GB/T 45001-2020 idt ISO45001:2018, GB/T 24001-2016 idt ISO14001:2015 and GB/T 19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015. We protect the health of our workers and concern about our environment.

At same time, we have halal certification for our filter elements, which make it suitable for more people and reach high standard. Sanitek always cares about the people and the planet with our high quality.

● Production Standard

Sanitek filters production standard based on GMP policy

● Quality Management System

Sanitek filters meet with ISO 9001:2015, all details been checked and inspected under critical control.

● Cleaning Room

All Sanitek filters been produced in 10000 grade cleaning room, meet with YY0033-2000

● Integrity Testing

All Sanitek filters 100% been tested before leaving factory

● Validation

Sanitek filters are validated using test procedures that comply with ASTM F 838-15(ae1) protocols for the determination of bacterial retention in filters used for liquid filtration.

● Extractables

Sanitek filters typically exhibit low levels of non-volatile residues.

● Non-Fiber Releasing

Sanitek filters comply with Title 21 CFR sections 210.3 (b)(6) and 211.72, for non-fiber releasing filters.

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