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Sanitek inherits from Brother Filtration, sticks to sustainable and environmentally-friendly concept. We filter for now and future, only sustainability can make all business last longer. Sanitek deeply knows that our planet matters!

We are all part of issue, let’s get in on the solutions!

Just like what we filter, we focus on tiny things. We also guard sustainability and green from little normal things in our daily work.

Digital documents

We try to be as paperless as possible, everything is electronic. Day by day, we reduce a lot of carbon emissions and waste of paper. At the same time, going electronic makes us more efficient in communication.

Green production

Sanitek strictly complies with local laws and regulations, green production and green emissions. All production processes do not cause harmful effects on the environment. We value energy and maximize its use.

Energy conservation

From raw materials, production energy, water use, electricity use, and packaging materials, Sanitek operates and utilizes them with conservation concept. We try to create zero waste production line.

Priority for sustainability

We believe only by keeping the environmental protection concept in mind, can we really do things confirming sustainability. Every product we design and manufacture is infused with the core concept of environmental protection.

Reducing Direct emission

Direct emissions, resulting from the utilization of fossil fuels for heat and power generation, pose a significant challenge in terms of environmental impact. By transitioning to renewable energy sources at our sites, we can significantly reduce these direct emissions.

However, it is important to note that process emissions generated during membrane production are currently deemed unavoidable due to limitations imposed by the available technology.

Despite this challenge, we remain resolute in our commitment to explore innovative solutions and constantly improve our processes to minimize our overall environmental footprint and contribute to a greener future.

How to be Green

Sanitek is a leading example in the industry, as we prioritize and adhere to sustainability principles in every aspect of our design and production processes.

Green Product

We specialize in the production of advanced microfiltration products that address critical filtration challenges. Our goal is to minimize the release of pollutants and harmful liquids into the environment.

Green Material

Sanitek uses premium raw materials to manufacture filter elements and housings that meet regulatory standards and produce no harmful effects.

Green Manufacturing

Sanitek adheres to national laws and regulations in our production and manufacturing processes. We strive to conserve energy, enhance efficiency, and increase productivity for the best possible outcomes.

Green Filtration

Our products excel in efficiency, quality, and durability, allowing for optimal material utilization and contributing to environmental protection goals.

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