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Tank vent filter housings are engineered for the sterile ventilation of stationary and mobile tanks in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other industries. Sanitek’s vent filter housings are commonly paired with our Sanipore process sterile air filter element, guaranteeing sterile ventilation with minimal pressure drop or air resistance. Moreover, our vent filter housing is versatile and can accommodate other filter elements, such as the PTFE membrane cartridge and pleated stainless steel mesh cartridge. We customize to meet your specific requirements.

Easy for installation

Easy for installation

Long service life

Long service life

Hydrophobic Sterilizing-grade

Hydrophobic Sterilizing-grade

Microorganisms from gases

Microorganisms from gases


Features of Vent Filter Housing

Ventilation filter housings, also referred to as gas filter housings or vent filter housings, are indispensable for maintaining optimal air quality in various industrial operations, especially in pharmaceutical manufacturing. These housings play a critical role in accommodating ventilation filters, preventing the entry of airborne contaminants into storage tanks and critical systems, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the process and product.

  • Available in 304 and 316 stainless steel variants
  • Features connections ranging from 1 1/2 inches to 6 inches
  • Gas capacity ranges from 17 to 2,010 m³/h (10 to 1,183 scfm)
  • Interior and exterior polished to meet GMP standards for smoothness
  • Offers multiple connection styles to accommodate various tank configurations

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Sanitek has the answers to common questions about capsule filter and filter cartridges in critical process filtration.

Common Questions About Process Filtration

Common Questions about SanitekWhat Is a Vent Filter?

A vent filter, also referred to as a gas filter or ventilation filter, is a device designed to eliminate contaminants from gases, such as air, before they enter a system or environment. Widely used in various industrial processes, particularly in pharmaceutical manufacturing, vent filters play a crucial role in maintaining air quality to prevent product contamination and ensure process integrity.

Common Questions about SanitekHow Do Vent Filters Work?

Vent filters must keep the tank filter media dry to allow unhindered airflow. If the filter pores become saturated with water, airflow will be obstructed, leading to the formation of a vacuum inside the emptied tank. Many tanks, particularly thin aluminum soft drink tanks, can withstand pressurization but are vulnerable to collapsing under even a slight vacuum. To prevent water vapor from interfering with airflow, hydrophobic membranes like PTFE are commonly employed, as they resist water wetting and mitigate the risk of damage.

Common Questions about SanitekWhy Are Ventilation Filters Necessary?

Ventilation filters serve as protective barriers, preventing airborne bacteria and other contaminants from coming into direct contact with water in tanks. They facilitate controlled air release from the tank during filling and the intake of air or gas during emptying, thereby regulating liquid volume and maintaining tank pressure.

Common Questions about SanitekWhere Are Tank Filters Used in Pharmaceutical Production?

In pharmaceutical production, tank filters are essential for preserving the quality and purity of stored water in containers such as RO feed tanks, PW storage tanks, and WFI storage tanks. These tanks, particularly those storing high-purity water sources like purified water (PW) and water for injection (WFI), rely on tank filters to prevent microbial, particulate, or other contaminants from infiltrating the water storage vessels. This ensures the cleanliness and purity of the water, aligning with the stringent quality standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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