Filtering process elements can maintain product sterility and quality by preventing particle and microbiological contamination. Sanitek's product safeguard the process against pollutants, thereby prolonging product life and reducing operational costs.

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Sanitek Chemical Filtration Solutions

Our chemical filtration solutions cover a wide array of substances in diverse industries.

From bleaching agents like bleach and hydrogen peroxide to industrial pigments such as carbon black and titanium dioxide, our filtration systems are engineered to efficiently remove impurities and ensure the purity of your chemical products.

We cater to filtration needs for diverse intermediates and raw materials like dyestuffs and potash, providing customized solutions.

Rely on our advanced filtration technology to ensure the quality of your chemical filtering processes.

Filtration in the Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, cross-contamination poses a significant risk due to shared process equipment. Our advanced chemical filtering solutions mitigate this risk by enhancing particulate removal efficiency, improving effluent quality, and reducing maintenance needs. This ensures the integrity and profitability of your chemical processes.


In chemical production, the first step is filtering process ingredients to purify solvents and remove unwanted particulates from organic and inorganic products. These impurities can compromise efficiency and lead to undesirable by-products. Our SANIPURE PP chemical filters address this challenge. For microbial retention, our SANIPORE S PES Membrane Filter, with a pore size of 0.2 to 0.45 microns, is recommended.

Filtration to Remove Deformable Particles

Efficient filtration methods can remove deformable particles efficiently. Our SANIpure® PP3 chemical filter effectively removes deformable particles, while the SANIpure® GFS is ideal for eliminating colloids due to its filter media’s positive charge.

What Sanitek can do in this procedure?

By ensuring the functionality and durability of your equipment, Sanitek’s tailored filtration solutions contribute to long-term cost savings on maintenance and operational expenses.

Sanitek’s market-leading filtration systems specialize in the removal of oil and particles from water streams, addressing environmental regulations or injection well standards. Our innovative offerings encompass oil-adsorptive guard filters, high-efficiency coalescers, as well as disposable and washable solid cartridge solutions.

For this specific application, Sanitek designs and manufactures filter cartridges and filter housings. Our Oltek pleated filter cartridge and Oltek string wound filter cartridge stand out as ideal solutions for maintaining the required purity levels in this condition.

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