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The industry of purifying edible, vegetable, and biodiesel oils relies heavily on filtration. For various processing procedures like bleaching, hydrogenation, and deodorization, Sanitek offers solutions. The major objectives are to keep the oil's quality high and remove unwanted particles.

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Edible oils come in a variety of types and uses. Avocado oil is known for its versatility and is an excellent cooking oil and salad dressing. Palm oil, on the other hand, is used as a cooking oil and food ingredient and has a variety of industrial uses. Peanut oil or peanut butter is preferred for cooking, frying and baking. Rice bran oil, is not only used for cooking but also for cosmetics. Safflower oil is versatile and commonly used in cooking and salad dressings.

Sesame oil adds a unique flavor to dishes and is ideal for stir-frying, marinades and salad dressings. Sunflower oil has a high smoke point and is suitable for cooking, frying and baking. Olive oil is a staple in many kitchens, used both as a cooking oil and as a key ingredient in salad dressings. Mustard oil, which is widely used in Indian cuisine, is not only a cooking oil but also plays an important role in marinades. These wide variety of edible oils fulfill a wide range of culinary and industrial needs.

The types and applications of edible oils are as follows:


Edible Oil Application
Avocado Oil Versatile cooking oil,salad dressing
Palm Oil Cooking oil,food ingredient,industrial applications
Peanut oil/Groundnut Oil Cooking oil,frying,baking
Rice bran oil Cooking oil,frying,cosmetics
Safflower oil Cooking Oil,salad dressing
Sesame Oil Stir-frying,marinades,salad dressing
Sunflower oil Cooking oil,frying,baking
Olive oil Cooking oil,salad dressing
Mustard oil Cooking oil,picking,Indian cuisine

Process Steps For Filtering Oil Include

In the food industry, edible oil filtration is one of the key steps in ensuring the final quality of food products. Depending on the type of oil and end use, the process steps for filtering oil include:

1. Oil Foot Removal Filtration

The presence of oil feet in cooking oil can significantly impact the taste and quality of food. This step ensures not only a purer appearance of the cooking oil but also a more delicate taste.

2. Lecithin Blend Filtration

Effectively separating lecithin from gum through filtration helps eliminate impurities in the oil. This enhances the purity of edible oil and ensures that the final product meets specific application requirements.

3. Deodorized Oil Filtration

The removal of impurities resulting from the deodorization process ensures the freshness and purity of the final cooking oil. This step is crucial for achieving high-quality standards, enhancing the flavor of the cooking oil, and ensuring safer cooking.

4. Safety Filtration

Improving the quality of filtrate also protects subsequent equipment from unnecessary damage. This step is essential to ensure industrial safety and product reliability, improving the robustness of edible oil production and minimizing production stoppages due to equipment damage.

5. Polishing Filtration

The final polishing and filtration further enhance the quality of the oil. By polishing and filtering, the oil achieves a clearer appearance and a smoother texture.

Sanitek’s comprehensive filtration process encompasses various essential steps for enhancing the quality of edible oils. Beginning with the removal of oil feet to ensure a pure and refined taste, followed by lecithin blend filtration to effectively separate impurities, and deodorized oil filtration to guarantee freshness and safety, each step contributes to meeting stringent quality standards.

The incorporation of safety filtration not only improves filtrate quality but also safeguards equipment, ensuring robust production and minimizing stoppages. The final touch of polishing filtration, driven by Sanitek’s advanced technology, elevates the oil’s quality, providing consumers with a superior dining experience through a clearer appearance and smoother texture across diverse cuisines.

Polishing Filtration


By utilizing Sanitek’s advanced filtration solutions, you can ensure that your cooking oils are processed with optimal purity and quality, increasing production efficiency and providing consumers with better quality food. Our filtration systems are a critical part of successful operations in the food industry. At every step of the way, Sanitek’s technology and innovations provide the food industry with the reliability to ensure that cooking oils excel in a variety of applications.

What Sanitek can do in this procedure?

By ensuring the functionality and durability of your equipment, Sanitek’s tailored filtration solutions contribute to long-term cost savings on maintenance and operational expenses.

Sanitek’s market-leading filtration systems specialize in the removal of oil and particles from water streams, addressing environmental regulations or injection well standards. Our innovative offerings encompass oil adsorptive guard filters, high-efficiency coalescers, as well as disposable and washable solid cartridge solutions.

For this specific application, Sanitek designs and manufactures filter cartridges and filter housings. Our Oltek pleated filter cartridge and Oltek string wound filter cartridge stand out as ideal solutions for maintaining the required purity levels in this condition.

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