Sterile Filtration For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing And Biologic Products

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Filtration is very important in the biopharmaceutical development process. Filtration for final sterilization, pre-filtration of feed solutions and filtration of intermediate products are all critical.

Selecting the right filter purifies the media and removes impurities, bacteria or other contaminants from the system. In the following sections, we will explore the principles of sterilization filtration in biopharmaceuticals and guide you on how to choose the appropriate filter.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The Importance of Steriling Filter in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing And Biologic Products

Pharmaceutical manufacturing refers to the production of drugs to meet therapeutic or prophylactic needs according to specific dosage form requirements, and ultimately to provide them to the people for whom they are intended. Common pharmaceutical products include large-volume injections (LVPs), small-volume injections (SVPs), eye drops, and herbal injections.

Biological products are drugs derived from microorganisms, cells, animal or human tissues, and body fluids. They are produced using traditional or modern biotechnological methods for the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of human diseases.

This category includes vaccines, blood products, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant protein drugs, gene and cell therapies, and diagnostic reagents.

Some of these products are obtained through tissue cell culture or microbial fermentation, while others are derived from blood extractions. The preparation process for biological products is intricate, requiring high product purity, which makes filtration a critical component in quality control.

For example, in the vaccine production process, vaccines act as non-pathogenic immunogens—essentially antigens—that stimulate the body to develop specific immunity, thereby protecting against certain pathogens or preventing tumors.

There are three generations of vaccines developed so far: inactivated and live attenuated vaccines, subunit vaccines, and genetic vaccines. Each generation represents a different technological approach to vaccine development, all of which require stringent filtration processes to ensure product safety and efficacy.

Advanced Sterile Filtration Solutions For Biopharmaceutical

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Prefiltration/ Clarification

Prefiltration, also known as clarification, is typically the first step in the filtration process, aimed at removing large impurities or particles from the feed liquid.

This step requires filters with a high contaminant load capacity and a high flow rate at a low-pressure differential. Additionally, the installation of a prefilter protects downstream filters, extends their service life, and reduces overall costs.

Prefiltration/ Clarification

The choice of prefiltration depends on factors such as the media of the prefilter, the chemical properties of the feed liquid, throughput, and sterilization conditions.

Each prefiltration application has specific requirements, which may necessitate a single filter for single-layer media, a single filter for multiple layers of media, or multiple filters in series.

If the size of the particulate matter in the filtered media is well-defined, a single-layer filter is sufficient. However, if the composition of impurities in the filtered media is more complex, multi-layer pleated filters or multiple single-layer filters in series may be necessary. These filters are typically known as depth filters and are made from materials such as polypropylene or fiberglass.

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Sterile Liquid Filtration

Unlike traditional heat sterilization, sterilization-grade filtration is a “cold” method that removes microorganisms via filtration membranes instead of killing them.

This method is particularly crucial for biological products or reagents that cannot withstand heat treatment, making filtration the primary and most effective means of sterilization.

Sterile Liquid Filtration

The membranes used in sterilizing filters are typically made from materials such as PES (polyethersulfone), PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), Nylon 6,6, and CA (cellulose acetate).

These materials are generally stable and do not react with the feed liquid. However, special considerations are needed for certain solutions, such as protein solutions, where membrane adsorption can be an issue. For instance, PVDF membranes are often chosen for their low protein adsorption properties.

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Vent/Gas Filtration

Sterile liquid filtration and vent/gas filtration are critical for maintaining product integrity and ensuring production safety. The quality of gases used in industrial production directly impacts the cleanliness and security of the entire manufacturing process, making gas filtration particularly vital.

For instance, in liquid storage or reaction tanks, maintaining pressure balance is essential. This is achieved through the use of respirators. When the liquid in the tank is filled, the air inside must be vented out; conversely, when the tank is emptied, the lost liquid volume must be replaced with sterile air or gas to prevent contamination. Ensuring that the incoming air or gas is sterile is crucial to maintaining the purity of the feed liquid.

Hydrophobic membranes, such as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), are commonly used in gas filtration due to their efficiency in removing bacteria and reducing contamination risks.

These membranes are designed to prevent the passage of bacteria even in moist conditions, making them ideal for applications where sterility is paramount.

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Endotoxin Removal Filtration

Endotoxins, which originate from the outer cell walls of Gram-negative bacteria, are released when these bacteria die and their cell walls dissolve. These harmful substances are prevalent in the environment, including in tap water, air, and food.

If endotoxins enter the human body, they can cause significant harm, making it imperative for injectable drugs, oral medications, chemicals, and medical devices to undergo rigorous endotoxin testing.

To effectively remove endotoxins from biopharmaceutical products, specialized filtration membranes are employed. For instance, the surface of positively charged, modified Nylon 6,6 (NY6,6) membranes can attract and absorb negatively charged endotoxins, viruses, and cells through electrostatic interactions.

The SANIendo® series filters are particularly well-suited for pharmaceutical and bioprocessing applications, providing an excellent solution for endotoxin removal.

Selecting the right sterile filtration technology is essential in the biopharmaceutical industry to ensure the safety and efficacy of products. By utilizing advanced endotoxin removal filters, manufacturers can maintain the highest standards of product purity and patient safety.

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