What is Sterilization filtration?

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Sterilization filtration refers to the process of removing microorganisms from gases or liquids by physical retention to achieve sterility.

Compared with other sterilization methods used in the food industry, sterilization by filtration has the following significant advantages.

Effective preservation of color, aroma and nutrients of the product

Filtration sterilization process is carried out at room temperature, and therefore particularly suitable for heat-sensitive substances, such as beer, milk, juice drinks, etc.;

at the same time, filtration and separation of materials in the process is running in a closed loop, which reduces the impact of oxygen in the air, and heat and oxygen are very influential on food processing; materials in the migration process through the filter membrane will not occur during the nature of the change;

filtration and separation of the process of sterilization of cold, instead of the traditional need to heat the pasteurization of the product. Instead of the traditional pasteurization process that requires heating;

so it can not change the original flavor of the product as much as possible, thus effectively maintaining the color, flavor and nutrients of the product.

Energy saving and green environmental protection effect is obvious

Energy saving and green environmental protection effect is obvious

Filtration sterilization process does not occur phase change, with the advantage of cold sterilization, compared with the separation method of phase change, low energy consumption, and the use of clean energy and electricity, “industrial waste” (refers to industrial production emissions of wastewater, waste gas, solid wastes) is reduced, so energy saving and green environmental protection effect is obvious.

Simplified operation process and wide range of applications

Filtration sterilization separation process is relatively simple, easy to realize automatic control, the device covers an area of less, easy maintenance of equipment, device life, compared with pasteurization, simplified operation process. At the same time, the scope of application is very wide

Characteristics of sterilization by filtration

Its main feature is the removal of microorganisms by physical isolation and screening.

The main equipment used in filtration sterilization is the filter, and different filter materials and pore sizes can be selected according to different purposes and requirements. The filter material can be paper, cloth, membrane or activated carbon, etc., and the pore size is generally between 0.1-10 microns. By filtering the liquid or gas to be treated through the filter, microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms, can be effectively removed therefrom.

It is important to note that although the filtration and sterilization method can remove most of the microorganisms, it cannot completely achieve a 100% removal rate. In addition, the filter media will clog or even fail after a long period of time, so it needs to be replaced and cleaned regularly. At the same time, when using the filtration sterilization method, it is also necessary to choose the appropriate filter material and filter type according to the actual situation and needs, and carry out reasonable operation and maintenance to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

Principle of filter sterilization method

The principle of filtration and sterilization includes inertial impact retention, interception retention, Brownian diffusion retention, etc. When the air passes through the filter layer, the diameter of the air will be reduced. When the air through the filter layer, the diameter of small particles in the slow flow of airflow, there will be obvious Brownian motion, prompting particles and fibers in contact and arrested set. This effect in the larger air speed, larger fiber gap does not work, because at this time the Brownian motion is not obvious.

Principle of filter sterilization method

Liquid sterilization filter selection considerations

① Hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity of the filter

② Chemical compatibility with material and liquid

③ Decontamination grade filters

④ Conduct filter selection experiments based on process requirements, analyze the type of clogging, and calculate the filter area based on the filter loading and flux.

Selection of sterilization filter

1 Filtration precision selection

(1) The sterilization filtration process should be based on the purpose of the process, the selection of 0.22μm (smaller pore size or the same filtration) sterilization level filter.

(2) A 0.1μm sterilization level filter is usually used for mycoplasma removal.

2 The choice of filter material:

(1) When selecting the filter material, its compatibility with the media to be filtered should be fully examined.

(2) The filter shall not adversely affect the quality of the product by reacting with the product, releasing substances or adsorption.

(3) The sterilization filter shall not shed fibers, and the use of filters containing asbestos is strictly prohibited.


Whether it is the food and beverage industry, which is closely related to our lives, or sterile pharmaceuticals in the life science industry, sterilization filtration is indispensable. Filtration sterilization is more environmentally friendly and less harmful than chemical sterilization and is used in a wide range of applications such as drinking water, pharmaceutical production, laboratories and medical facilities.

Sanitek offers a wide range of cartridges and capsule filters for sterilization filtration to meet the needs of manufacturing processes in various industries and to ensure a better filtration process. If you have a question about sterilization filtration, please contact us, and we will provide you with a filtration solution that suits your needs.

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