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You need filtration products that keeps your operation safe and purity. Learn more about our products how to support and help you in food and beverage, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other critical process filtration.

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We are your reliable partner for critical process filtration needs. Our Sanitek cartridge filters, housings, capsule filters, and small flow filters are known for their exceptional quality, performance, and cost-effectiveness. We understand that the quality of your process liquids directly influences the quality of your products. That’s why we strive to provide you with the best filtration solutions available in the market.

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Solution for Fine Chemicals/Food&Beverage/Life Science/Semiconductor

– For fine chemicals, our advanced filtration systems remove even the finest particles and contaminants, ensuring product integrity.

– In the food and beverage industry, our filtration solutions remove impurities and hazards for safe and delicious products.

– In life science, our filtration processes provide purity and consistency for research and production.

– In the semiconductor industry, our state-of-the-art filtration systems meet the strictest cleanliness standards.

No matter your industry, our commitment to quality and innovation ensures we meet industry standards and exceed expectations.

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No matter in which place of the world, Sanitek technologies is the trusted partner of companies who require solutions that meet the most customer needs. Our global presence expends from North and South America, across Europe and into Asia including Japan and Australia.


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  • Brother Filtration

    Brother Filtration

    China’s leading filter housing and cartridge filter manufacturer established in 2010 with the name Brother Filtration, water filtration manufacturer and industry leading supplier

  • Brother Filtration

    Keya Water

    It is a sister company of Brother Filtration, which has served the water treatment market for more than 6 years and exports goods to more than 68 countries.

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We make it our priority to provide products that ensure the highest level of confidence – test after test.

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