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Filtration solution for semiconductor

Semiconductor is an industry that has high-standard for precision. It manufactures integrated circuit on a small chip, which requires the purest chemicals, air and production environment. A tiny and invisible particle can cause huge failure in the chip.


The constantly decreasing “line width” is a key factor in the semiconductor industry’s commitment to cleanliness. The size of the tiny microscopic wire via which electrical information travels is represented by the line width. These electronic routes are more susceptible to pollution the smaller they are. The smallest particles can prevent the development of these minuscule circuits and, worse, obliterate the process yield.


The chip is growing denser and becoming smaller, that means the absolute rating filtration needs to be more precise and accurate to filter out smaller particles. Sanitek manufactures all kinds of microfiltration products to solve these filtration challenges.

Semiconductor Broad Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about SanitekWhat support can I expect from Sanitek in case of issues?

In case of any issues, Sanitek will respond promptly to assist you in analyzing the problem and finding out the cause. We retain the raw material of all shipments, which is essential for identifying if the issue originates from the membrane. While incidents are extremely rare, if the problem is confirmed to be from the membrane, we will take corrective action, including prioritized full replacement of the affected lot.

Common Questions about SanitekWhat are your production capacities?

With 15 years of filtration experience, Sanitek has become a leading membrane production company. We produce thousands of square feet of high-quality membranes every day and are continuously expanding our capacity to meet our customers’ needs.

We pay attention to every detail to ensure the quality and performance of the membrane is at its best. At the same time, we are also actively developing innovative membrane materials and technologies to continuously improve the performance and efficiency of our products.

As an experienced membrane production company, Sanitek will continue to be committed to providing customers with quality membrane products and excellent service. We will continue to innovate and improve to meet the changing market needs and develop together with our customers.

Common Questions about SanitekHow should I order? Who should I contact and how long does it take for material to arrive? Contact us directly for full details or email us at sales@sanitekfilter.com. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Regarding the arrival time of materials, the specific delivery time may vary depending on the product inventory and shipping distance, please inquire about the specific delivery time when contacting the sales team. We will do our best to ensure that you receive the required materials in a timely manner.

Sanitek filtration technology and certification

Sanitek serves for microfiltration, the quality and filter elements are what we focus on. Food & Beverage, as one of the most critical industry, needs high-standard filtration product to get offer safe and healthy drinks and foods, to get purer and hygiene final products.

All filters from Sanitek are manufactured in cleaning room environment and 100% integrity tested. We also adopt high-quality raw materials, which meet the requirements of international professional standard.

We always pursue for higher-standard. Sanitek has ISO and Halal certificate, which prove the strict manufacturing environment of us. And all materials we use are compliance with food contact regulations and biosafety requirements.

● All materials meet the specifications for biological safety per USP Class V1-121 C for plastics.

● Materials of construction comply with FDA regulations for food and beverage contact use as detailed in the US Code of Federal Regulations, 21CFR.

● Materials used to produce filter media and hardware are safe for use in contact with foodstuffs in accordance with EU Directives 10/2011.

● Halal



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